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Renewable Energy Update: October 2018 #3

Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

According to a recent report from Wood Mackenzie, by 2035, renewables will likely meet 20 percent of global power demand


Last week, we launched a summer long series of posts that will highlight the economic and jobs impact of energy in each of the 50 states. We started the week with Virginia and continued on with Ohio, Colorado and New Mexico. Today: Missouri. Click on the thumbnail to bring up a two-page snapshot of energy’s… Keep reading →


Last week we looked at the potential impacts on domestic energy production and U.S. households of two approaches to energy policy described in Wood Mackenzie’s new study. Today, let’s focus on jobs. Again, here’s Wood Mackenzie’s overview chart showing, side-by-side, the effects of  pro-development energy policies (green column) and regulatory-constrained policies (red column): Note the… Keep reading →

Prices Help Drive Increase of Midwest Oil Exploration

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has released a report that seeks to answer an important question: are there any more big, profitable shales on the order of a Bakken or an Eagle Ford to be found in the US? The primary feature of the two plays that makes them so attractive is their oil… Keep reading →

North America’s emerging oil shale abundance can fundamentally alter the US’s energy landscape, but experts say the road ahead may have a lot of detours.

The issues start with how much new supply can get to market. Keep reading →

An oil drilling rig in the North Dakota portion of the Bakken formation.

Shale gas took America by surprise, and tight oil is about to do the same. Keep reading →