Wind Farms

Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

Offshore wind projects have taken root in America.

Braving The Headwinds Hitting U.S. Wind Energy

California Continues To Lead U.S. In Green Technology

The development of offshore wind projects in the U.S. has been a story of high hopes and many setbacks.

Warren Buffett And BofA CEO Brian Moynihan Speak At Georgetown University

Warren Buffett is apparently not an unadorned green but instead falls in the category of self-interested capitalist. Shocker, right? The billionaire is under scrutiny because one arm of his vast Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate – the Nevada utility NV Energy – is trying to keep a 3 percent ceiling on net-metered solar in the state. Meanwhile, other arms of Berkshire… Keep reading →

Canada Border Crossings

Ed. note: This is a weekly column by Elie Mystal, Managing Editor of Above the Law Redline. This space will focus on the laws that exist, should exist, and should be put out of their misery. OVER-REGULATED: The Pipeline That Won’t Die: How about we agree to build the Keystone pipeline, but only send beer… Keep reading →

Germany Debates Renewable Energy Investements

The electric power industry has been looking at ways to improve transmission line performance for some time, exploring superconducting cables as well as ways to wring more power delivery capacity out of traditional cables currently in place. Now, wind researchers at DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL) say monitoring the weather can do quite a lot… Keep reading →

Scottish Windfarm Starts Producing Electricity

The American Bird Conservancy is suing the Obama Administration over a rule that would allow wind farm operators to kill a certain number of federally protected eagles for a period of 30 years without threat of prosecution. The group says the rule is illegal because the US Fish & Wildlife Service never had an opportunity… Keep reading →

Neil Barofsky Testifies On TARP Program Before Senate Finance Cmte

How much will Senator Grassley’s plan to extend the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) add to the national debt we are passing along to our children and grandchildren?  On Thursday, April 3, 2014, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee is expected to consider and report out to the full Senate a bill that would extend various… Keep reading →

Mild Winter In Northeast Drives Lobster Prices To Record Lows

The race is on across the U.S. as states compete to lead in the green energy industry. Solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal energy facilities have popped up all over the nation. But not every state has been successful. Maine, for example, appears to be moving in the wrong direction. As of late, the state… Keep reading →

ISU Speed Skating Championships Previews

For a long time, the wind industry operated pretty much with impunity when it came to its impact on golden eagles and other birds. Those days could be coming to an end. In California, the Obama administration is pushing an operating 102-megawatt wind power plant to accept a first-ever permit under the Bald and Golden… Keep reading →