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eia ethanol

As the volume of ethanol blended into the US gasoline supply increased from 3% to 10% over the past two decades, the fuel’s energy density decreased by 3%, according to the EIA. In an interesting example of how energy/environmental issues are often characterized by tradeoffs, greater volumes of ethanol added to gasoline decreases air pollution… Keep reading →

While supply of energy commodities can often seem arcane, only noticeable to end consumers when prices rise or there is a supply disruption, demand is much more tactile and visible.

“Everyone wants to use as much plastic as we do,” notes Williams Energy senior executive David Darcey on this video shot at a recent summit of the US Association of Energy Economics, detailing rising US production of plastics, innovations in making steel using natural gas and heating oil conversions as parts of the puzzle in creating a rising market for natural gas production currently weighing on prices. Keep reading →