Well Completion


  The issue of hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) too often becomes a political dispute, which threatens to obscure a far more important matter for the energy industry as a whole: That fracking is a feat of engineering genius, an example of the working complexity of so many pumps, valves, meters, gears, gauges and systems; it… Keep reading →

Northeast Debates Benefits And Dangers Of Hydrofracking

On September 12 World Resources Institute had an event to unveil their new report on the fresh water impacts of shale gas development. The WRI report examines the availability of freshwater across shale plays globally. Shale resources of natural gas, natural gas liquids and tight oil are extracted using hydrofracking techniques that require substantial quantities… Keep reading →

Spanish Crisis Closes The Door Industry

What does the term “fracking” mean to you? Chances are there are numerous answers to that question because the term has vaulted into US vernacular and political debates virtually overnight, along with the astonishing domestic oil and gas production increases to which hydraulic fracturing is directly related. Fracking is a fairly complex hydrocarbon well-completion technology… Keep reading →

Russian Gas Supplies Through Ukraine Turned Off

The battle over fracking in Colorado is heating up with major funding flowing into both sides of the debate. Several ballot initiatives regarding the oil and gas well completion technology will be voted on this November. Celebrities like Yoko Ono and wealthy activists including Tom Steyer are supporting anti-fracking legislation, or in many cases, laws… Keep reading →

OPAL Pipeline To Connect To Baltic Sea

More and more research studies deepen our understanding of methane emissions from various segments along the natural gas supply chain. At the same time, evidence is mounting that the volume of methane emissions leaking from, for example, wellheads or processing plants may collectively account for a greater portion of total methane emissions than previously thought.… Keep reading →

Surging Oil Industry Brings Opportunity To Rural California

The Wattenberg field is not a new shale play you are just hearing about, it’s produced 2.8 Tcf of gas since its discovery in 1970 and much of that output was made possible by hydraulic fracturing. This Forbes piece argues fracking is not new or untested, as many opponents claim, and the practice has been… Keep reading →

New Born Elephants Appear At The Safari Zoo In Israel

There were a handful high-profile hydraulic fracturing bans announced in Colorado and New Jersey communities in late 2013, and earlier in the year Vermont banned the controversial oil and gas well completion technique, the first US state to do so. However, Vermont and New Jersey don’t have significant natural gas resources, which makes the announcements… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

This November, committees in Colorado and Massachusetts moved closer to banning hydraulic fracturing in all or parts of their states. These moves have coincided with a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Northern Texas, the most powerful in five years and one of a startling 16 in the area during the month. The safety of fracking has… Keep reading →


Perforating unconventional oil & gas wells as part of the hydraulic fracturing process uses armor-piercing charges, Senior Petroleum Engineer for Wagner & Brown Billy Harris told the audience yesterday at the USAEE/IAEE North American Conference in Anchorage, Alaska. Given the powerful nature of the explosives, some countries have strict regulations controlling their use. “Perf guns… Keep reading →