Weekly Cushing Oil Storage Report

Japan Commemorates First Anniversary Of Earthquake And Tsunami

The Japanese government has softened its anti-nuclear power strategy, which could open the way to existing reactor restarts and possibly even new plant construction. The post-Fukushima shutdown of the country’s nuclear fleet has led to increased electricity prices, eroded the trade balance and spiked fossil fuel imports, which are unsustainable conditions according to a new… Keep reading →

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Holds Hearing On Strategy Against The Lord's Resistance Army

Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu took over as head of the influential Senate Energy Committee yesterday, as outgoing Chairman Ron Wyden took the lead role at the Senate Finance Committee, which was vacated when Max Baucus was confirmed ambassador to China. “Landrieu confirmed that her signature bill to expand the amount of federal offshore oil-and-gas royalty… Keep reading →

Melburnians Attempt Superhero Costume World Record

Private-sector energy information provider Genscape is offering complimentary access to energy reports to fill the void left by the shutdown of agencies such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Energy Information Administration. EIA and NRC employees are joining the ranks of those furloughed during the government shutdown, meaning that many regular data reports will… Keep reading →