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Texas Gulf Coast Prepares For Hurricane Ike

It’s been an interesting time for water in Texas. Beyond the incredibly wet and cool spring we’ve been having, Memorial Day saw the second year in a row of record-breaking floods. And a few weeks ago, the Texas Water Development Board(TWDB) asked for comments on the draft 2017 State Water Plan. The TWDB is the… Keep reading →

Central Utah Anchors State's Coal Mining Industry

While mining is essential to modern civilization, providing the required resources to fuel our favorite luxuries, even miners understand that the practice can get messy. Moving and removing several thousand tons of rock and dirt will never be a thoroughly simple endeavor, and some communities near active mines could potentially be inconvenienced if the operation… Keep reading →


U.S. wind energy industry leaders went to Texas on Wednesday to release their annual market report and highlight wind’s continuing successes and benefits there. A couple of their selling points were familiar – cheap and clean power – but there was another item that got big emphasis this year, and you’re likely to hear a… Keep reading →

Drought Dries Up California Groundwater Sources

It’s inevitable. In comments to nearly every story about California’s drought, someone will rage that if Gov. Jerry Brown really wanted to do something to save water, he’d put an end to fracking in the state. This line of thinking was highlighted on social media recently when the Sierra Club tweeted a link to a… Keep reading →

Drought-Stricken California Community Close To Running Out Of Water

Why the drought still doesn’t seem to matter. Do a brief scan of social media, and you’ll be hard-pressed to miss the exclamatory headlines: See dramatic pictures of California’s drought! and Sierra snowpack breaks record lows. Most recently NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti entered the fray with the daring headline for his Los Angeles Times’ op-ed:… Keep reading →

Sao Paulo Region Suffers From Extreme Drought

Atlanta, Texas, California! As drought has moved across the country, Americans have had to look out for their water supply. Empty reservoirs led to restrictions on use. In many places, lawns are being replaced by xeriscaping. In many California cities, strict watering schedules are being enforced. In Texas, California and Florida, many people developed rain… Keep reading →


California is in uncharted territory as their severe drought drags on and water reserves drop to their lowest points ever, with no relief in sight. Jay Famiglietti, a senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory detailed the issues in a recent LA Times Op-Ed. “As our ‘wet’ season draws to a close, it… Keep reading →

Farmers Hire Drilling Crew To Search For Water To Irrigate Crops

Farmers are recognizing the need to develop new farming techniques that help restore soil health. An article in the New York Times tells the story of Gabe Brown, a North Dakota farmer who became a convert to no-till, soil-conservation farming. Mr. Brown has become an evangelist of sorts, spreading the word about the benefits of… Keep reading →

Chinese Labourers Work At Lunnan Oilfield In Xinjiang

Countries across the globe like to talk a big game about developing their domestic shale oil and gas resources and sometimes utter lofty expectations of energy independence. Progress, however, has been very slow. The following map by the World Resources Institute (WRI) illustrates locations of the 20 countries with the largest shale gas and tight… Keep reading →

Eagle Ford, TX

General Electric (GE) and Norway’s Statoil have announced a strategic collaboration to advance more environmentally friendly and economically sustainable technologies for oil and gas production. GE and partially state-owned Statoil have a long history of working together and both share a commitment to improving their environmental footprints, which is a goal increasingly valued by investors… Keep reading →

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