Water-Intensive Industry

Obama To Deliver Major Climate Change Speech

Keeping with today’s UN World Water Day theme – the official day was Saturday – this comment comes from IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven and shows the energy-water nexus is increasingly recognized at high levels as one of today’s critical energy development challenges. “Water availability is a growing concern for energy and assessing… Keep reading →

Seven Nuclear Power Plants Go Offline

Clean fresh water is essential for human life. Beyond its ability to quench our thirst, without water we also cannot grow the food we eat. Yet, many people do not realize that without water, we also cannot effectively produce power. In light of this relationship, the 21st observance of UN World Water Day March 22nd… Keep reading →

Former Rheinsberg Nuclear Power Plant Is Dismantled

On March 22 in Tokyo, UN-Water will release its World Water Development Report in conjunction with its annual World Water Day 2014 celebrations. This annual event is meant to raise awareness for water – indispensable for human life on earth. This year’s theme is “Water & Energy”. Despite its apparent importance, the issue of water rarely… Keep reading →