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U.S. wind energy industry leaders went to Texas on Wednesday to release their annual market report and highlight wind’s continuing successes and benefits there. A couple of their selling points were familiar – cheap and clean power – but there was another item that got big emphasis this year, and you’re likely to hear a… Keep reading →

Drought Dries Up California Groundwater Sources

It’s inevitable. In comments to nearly every story about California’s drought, someone will rage that if Gov. Jerry Brown really wanted to do something to save water, he’d put an end to fracking in the state. This line of thinking was highlighted on social media recently when the Sierra Club tweeted a link to a… Keep reading →

Major Drought Impacts California Flower Industry

In an age where technology enables consumers to track their meal from field to table, and beverages from orchard to refrigerator, sustainability has become an increasingly powerful market force. Customer demand for information is leading to improved labeling and sourcing information that is impacting supplier behavior across a broad range of consumer and business goods.… Keep reading →

Recycled Sewage Boosts Sydney Water Supply

Among the most urgent concerns for the future is to have enough water to sustain a human population projected to reach 9.6 billion people by 2050.[1] The UN Millennium Development Goals recognize that access to water and sanitation is essential to economic development and poverty alleviation.[2] However, global consumption patterns indicate that we are becoming… Keep reading →

California Suffers Through Historic Three-Year Drought

The Hamilton Project at Brookings and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment recently hosted a forum on the water crisis in the US. This resulted in the release of two interesting new discussion papers – “New Directions for US Water Policy” – charting feasible paths for improving water management in the US in the… Keep reading →

EPA Proposes New Limits On Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants

A new World Economic Forum report on the Water-Energy Nexus explores the link between water quantity and electricity production and specifically looks into strategic considerations for energy policy-makers on how best to plan energy and water infrastructures for the future. In short, sensible planning is a prerequisite for responsible management. As demand for electricity grows… Keep reading →

Statewide Drought Forces Californians To Take Drastic Measures For Water Conversation

In a recent report titled “Produced Water: Asset or Waste?” – part of the Atlantic Council’s Energy and Water Nexus Initiative series – Blythe Lyons, Nonresident Senior Fellow (Energy and Environment Program), addresses water-related issues – in particular the treatment of ‘produced water’- in US oil and gas production as well as concomitant sustainable water… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

The amount of water it takes to produce energy – commonly known as the water-energy nexus – is becoming increasingly important as companies, policymakers and environmental groups seek ways to reliably deliver electric power and transportation fuels in an age of climate change-induced extreme weather. The hydraulic fracturing well completion process can require as much… Keep reading →

From Moonscape To Lake District: East Germany's Coal Mines

Breaking Energy has been focusing on the energy-water nexus today in our coverage in recognition of UN World Water Day, which occurred this past Saturday. The infographic helps visualize the volumes of water used to generate electricity from various sources. In addition to power generation, water is used to produce oil, gas, coal, biofuels and… Keep reading →

Obama To Deliver Major Climate Change Speech

Keeping with today’s UN World Water Day theme – the official day was Saturday – this comment comes from IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven and shows the energy-water nexus is increasingly recognized at high levels as one of today’s critical energy development challenges. “Water availability is a growing concern for energy and assessing… Keep reading →

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