Oil Prices Fall To Lowest Level In Four Months

Price volatility provides opportunities for traders to make handsome profits (or losses), so we took a look at midcap exploration and production equities based in the US that exhibited above-average volatility year to date. These stocks have been at least 1.5 times as volatile as the overall market: Whiting Petroleum, with a market cap of $9.23… Keep reading →

UK Pound Rises Above Two Dollars

China Investment Corp. has been selling shares in energy companies, including AES Corp., a US utility, as it seeks to limit energy market volatility risk. “CIC, which purchased billions of dollars in resources-related holdings between 2009 and the first half of 2012, is closely watched by investors world-wide for signals on where China is steering… Keep reading →

Louisiana Oil Industry Recovers From Katrina Devastation

The U.S. ranks 5th out of 13 heavily oil-dependent countries that are highly vulnerable to global oil price fluctuations. On October 14, 2013, Securing America’s Future Energy and Roubini Global Economics released the Oil Security Index, which assesses the relative oil security of 13 countries including the U.S.  The report emphasizes the need for active measures… Keep reading →

Sun Rises Behind U.S. Capitol Building

Today, the future of America’s energy policy seems to have been put on the back burner. Yet energy issues are directly tied to the economic future and security of the U.S., and it is important that the American people fully understand the impacts and costs associated with implementing sound energy policy. Among the challenges in… Keep reading →