Vermont Yankee

Landshut Nuclear Power Plant

More nukes are shutting down than getting built. Cheap and plentiful natural gas accomplished what thousands of anti-nuclear protesters could not: shut down the Yankee Nuclear Power Station in Vernon, VT. In late August 2013, the operator of the plant, Entergy Corp., the second biggest operator of nuclear reactors in the US after Exelon, announced that the decision… Keep reading →

Anniversary Of Nuclear Disaster At Three Mile Island Marked Near The Site

A regulatory framework that penalizes carbon dioxide emissions would improve nuclear’s competitiveness in the US, but greater policy clarity may be required for new nuclear investments to replace shuttered facilities like San Onofre and Yankee.  Nuclear is not without its detractors, which have a laundry list of concerns, ranging from potential for terrorist attacks to… Keep reading →

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

The 40+ year-old Vermont Yankee Nuclear plant will shut down by Q4 2014 due to high cost structure and low natural gas and wholesale energy prices. On August 27, 2013, Entergy Corporation announced plans to close and decommission the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station in Vernon, Vermont in Q4 2014, after the current fuel cycle.  Once the plant… Keep reading →

Judge Murtha: “The harm to public interest from even a temporary shutdown of #Vermont Yankee would be significant” – N_E_I

For 25 days, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant was staffed round the clock by 850 craft workers in addition to its usual staff as they replaced about a third of the plant’s fuel assemblies.

Entergy was refueling the plant for the twenty-ninth time since it was built in 1972, a process that was completed on November 3. Meanwhile, a court case brought by Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin against the plant remains pending in court. If the state wind the case, the nuclear plant will be shut down again by March 2012. Keep reading →