Utility MACT

Amid accusations that its rule requiring coal-fired power plants without existing control equipment for mercury and other specific air toxins could shut down needed energy generation and tax the US economy, the EPA is using high-technology tools like sharable Youtube videos to defend itself.

This short video is unusually clear for a topic that has dragged on through immense complexity over the last twenty years, and spends no time justifying itself on contested science or disputed compliance schedules. The Agency sticks to its contention that current power plant emissions harm child health, and addresses the economic issues by pointing out that if utilities invest in emissions equipment, that technology can be built and installed using American workers and creating business for companies in the US. Keep reading →

PJM pleased EPA #MATS rule docs include key elements of our proposal to preserve reliability bit.ly/vhB4uP @EPAgov pjminterconnect

Santa arrived a few days early for environmentalists, but the coal industry is getting Scrooge.

The Environmental Protection Agency released its Utility MACT rule on Wednesday, issuing a controversial order to slash mercury and other hazardous emissions from coal-fired power plants. By 2016, all plants must emit as little mercury as the best 12% do today, lowering national emissions 90%. Keep reading →