Utility Companies

Google Reports Quarterly Earnings

EDF and Google have released new interactive maps that show Pittsburgh residents just how much methane may be escaping from city pipelines. Methane is the main component of natural gas. Millions of families across Pennsylvania and the country depend on it to heat homes and prepare their dinners. But when leaked into the atmosphere, it… Keep reading →

It’s Not Magic. It’s Voltage Optimization.


Imagine homeowners and businesses saving millions of dollars – and cutting pollution – without needing to do anything. Magic? No, but it does require electric utilities to take advantage of new technologies that better provide customers with just the right amount of voltage to their electrical outlets. Many appliances, including incandescent lighting, work just as… Keep reading →

High Gas Prices In California Drop Slightly Overnight

Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister predicts U.S. prices oil could increase from the current levels under $48 a barrel to $80 by this fall just as consumers have been taking advantage of record low prices at the pump.  “That would force gas prices to double, from the current $2 to a whopping $4 by… Keep reading →


In the last week of December, the New York Public Service Commission issued an Order that signals big changes coming soon to New York’s electric utility landscape.  The Commission made it clear that it wants clean energy resources, including on-site, distributed power generation (such as solar PV), energy efficiency and energy load management strategies, to play a… Keep reading →