OPAL Pipeline To Connect To Baltic Sea

Let’s make three quick points following release of a new methane emissions report from the Environmental Defense Fund: Natural Gas’ Benefits Confirmed The report’s findings reflect the fact methane emissions were low in 2015. According to EPA, methane emissions from natural gas production are down 14 percent since 1990, while natural gas output increased more than 50… Keep reading →

Men working oil

A proposal under review at the Bureau of Land Management to bring thousands more oil and gas wells to a region of Utah already struggling with unhealthy air could cause more pollution and more waste. The Greater Chapita Wells Project Area is slated to bring nearly 3,000 new wells to the state’s Uintah basin –… Keep reading →

Report Places Los Angeles At Top Of List For City With Worst Traffic And Smog

Ozone pollution — also known as smog — is a growing problem in Utah, both in the state’s urban areas and in largely rural regions where oil and gas development has been directly tied to unhealthy air. That’s why new draft rules for oil and gas emissions released yesterday are a breath of fresh air… Keep reading →


With oil and natural gas production, it’s not only the industry that benefits monetarily. Mineral rights holders (the people who actually own the oil and gas deep below the earth’s surface) benefit too. Depending on where you look in the United States, who owns these mineral rights varies. In many places those minerals are owned… Keep reading →


President Obama plans to launch a new initiative to expand the nation’s solar workforce during a visit to Utah’s Hill Air Force Base on Friday, outlining his economic agenda. “The Energy Department will seek to train 75,000 people — including veterans — to enter the solar workforce by 2020, increasing the goal it set in May 2014 by… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

An Oil Boom is a Power Boon U.S. News (Lamont Colucci): OPEC met on Nov. 27, and openly recognized that the United States’ oil technological revolution – driven by enhanced oil recovery methods including hydraulic fracturing (known as fracking) and horizontal drilling – has undermined the cartel’s economic and political power. This constitutes one of the… Keep reading →

Annual Badwater Ultra Marathon Held In Death Valley's Extreme Heat

Those solar zones that the Obama administration has created on public lands in the West, they’re for solar. No mining allowed. The Bureau of Land Management made this temporary ban a long-term thing earlier this month, putting 475 square miles in six western states off-limits to new mining claims for the next 20 years. It’s a move… Keep reading →

Prices Help Drive Increase of Midwest Oil Exploration

  By Scott Cohn What a difference a few years make. When we launched America’s Top States for Business in 2007—before the housing market implosion and the financial crisis—our Top States were attracting not only businesses but people: families and home buyers. Four of our Top Five that year were Southern states: Virginia followed by Texas, Utah,… Keep reading →