National Renewable Energy Lab Tests Green Energies In Colorado

In late September 2018, Northwestern University announced a new bioengineering project funded by the DOE and the USDA

Santa Ana Winds Stoke Wildfires In Southern California

As the Trump Administration focuses on promoting American energy independence, it has made available new funding opportunities to deploy tribal energy projects on tribal lands.

Statewide Drought Forces Californians To Take Drastic Measures For Water Conversation

On a warm December day, I stood in a jojoba field in the Negev Desert in southern Israel and watched water slowly seep up from the ground around the trees. First a tiny spot, then spreading, watering the plants from deep below. This highly efficient system is known as drip irrigation, and I was there… Keep reading →

USDA Renewable Energy Program Forecast

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As President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue would also be in charge of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Office and renewable energy programs.

Volkswagen TDI

Citing German privacy laws, Volkswagen has refused to provide emails or other communications among its executives to attorneys general in the United States, impeding American investigations into the company’s emissions-cheating scandal. [The NY Times] Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today awarded $46 million in assistance to the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation to support energy efficiency and… Keep reading →

The Energy Department Feeds Families

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At the Department of Energy, we talk a lot about fuel. Whether it’s collecting solar power, finding cleaner ways of burning fossil fuels or using nuclear power sources, fueling America is one of our major focuses. But as we focus on keeping the lights on and the computers running, there is another, more basic type… Keep reading →


New executive actions and initiatives to advance solar and energy efficiency projects include military-veterans solar job training, $68M USDA-funded rural projects, and stronger building codes. Among the major actions, DOE’s Solar Instructor Training Network will launch a veteran’s job training pilot project at up to three military bases this fall to create at least 50,000… Keep reading →

A general view show an ethanol plant in

WASHINGTON – Project LIBERTY, the nation’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant to use corn waste as a feedstock, announced the start of production today. Once operating at full, commercial-scale, the biorefinery in Emmetsburg, Iowa will produce 25 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol per year – enough to avoid approximately 210,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.… Keep reading →


Those of us from rural areas know the special beauty of natural landscapes – and we know the challenges of living in sparsely-populated regions. Rural areas have higher rates of poverty and economic disparity, lower per capita income and disproportionate elderly and veteran  populations when compared to more urban areas. Rural homes and commercial buildings tend to… Keep reading →

Here at Mintz Levin we have been highly successful, along with Stern Brothers/Krieg DeVault/Westar Trade, in assisting in the preparation and receipt of 3 out of 3 client awards of conditional loan guarantee awards (with a 4th to be issued shortly) from the USDA under its Section 9003 loan guarantee program (which we successfully re-wrote working very closely with USDA to make it a workable program and recently have reached the first project closing thereto) in the FY 2010 round under our credit-enhanced bond finance mechanism.

Further, we recently filed more than 50% of the applicants applications in the current FY2011 Section 9003 round. Each round of these applications represents between $1.5 million- $2 billion in total project costs. Keep reading →