US Natural Gas

Singapore's Shipping Port Records Strong Growth In 2013

When supplies of dry US natural gas swelled several years ago as companies honed their shale resource development skills, gas prices dramatically declined hitting a low of about $2 per million BTU. This caused natural gas producers to shift drilling operations into more liquids-rich areas and adjust their production more toward oil, which fetched higher… Keep reading →

Oil And Gas Industry Forms Backbone Of Brunei Economy

Gas-to-liquids plants that is. Facilities that convert natural gas into liquid transportation fuels like diesel and gasoline have become potentially attractive given current ample US natural gas supply and the fuel’s comparatively low price compared with other regional markets around the world. This attractively-priced feedstock has already spurred a spate of chemical plant expansions and… Keep reading →

Dow Chemicals Plans To Layoff 5,000 Employees

Ever since new natural gas resources have become available as a result of horizontal hydraulic multi-stage fracking, there have been many attempts to quantify how beneficial these new resources are to the U.S. economy. Since natural gas is often used for power production and as a feedstock for the petrochemical industry, it makes sense to… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

This November, committees in Colorado and Massachusetts moved closer to banning hydraulic fracturing in all or parts of their states. These moves have coincided with a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Northern Texas, the most powerful in five years and one of a startling 16 in the area during the month. The safety of fracking has… Keep reading →

Abu Dhabi Media Summit

Is the rapid increase in US oil and gas production from shale resources a threat to the oil-dependent Saudi Arabian economy? That depends on who within the kingdom you ask. One school of thought proclaims global energy demand growth is expected to be sufficient to absorb all new supply sources, while another fears extensive incremental… Keep reading →

Dow Chemicals Plans To Layoff 5,000 Employees

Dow Chemical has gotten a lot of press about their position against “unfettered” LNG exports from the US. The chemical giant fears its competitively cheap natural gas feedstock advantage could erode if US gas were exported in volumes that cut into domestic supply, creating scarcity relative to demand for things like petrochemicals, plastics and other… Keep reading →


Alternative fuel company Primus Green Energy has just opened a gas-to-liquids demonstration plant in New Jersey. With natural gas prices trading well below oil prices, and US gas reserves abundant, Primus’ product could provide a cost-competitive alternative to petroleum-based fuels for the domestic market. Here are some of the quick takeaways from a recent plant tour, which Breaking… Keep reading →

Protests Continue At The West Sussex Fracking Site

Opposition to hydraulic fracturing of shales has become ‘hip’, embraced by students, long-time activists and the usual Hollywood suspects.  Unfortunately, this generates a lot more noise than signal, as claims ranging from false to outrageous get the most attention. Politicians regularly respond to hysteria, but frequently with gestures and profound announcements of concern, and only… Keep reading →

Azerbaijan Oil Industry

In this report published by the German Marshall Fund, Washington Institute fellow Simon Henderson discusses ways of surmounting the challenges Israel and Cyprus face as they seek to develop newfound oil and gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. [The Washington Institute for Near East Policy] A bit further to the northeast, the Caspian Sea… Keep reading →