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Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

Congress is currently involved in a highly polarizing and critical topic regarding America’s future: energy sources and the economic and environmental costs of our current regulations and policies. Several Senate and House committee hearings reflect this: hearing on “Laboratories of Democracy: The Economic Impacts of State Energy Policies,” “Modernizing the Business of Environmental Regulation and… Keep reading →

Gasoline Prices Spike As Crude Oil Prices Surge

This question has been dissected in many ways by analysts, politicians, business leaders and countless other stakeholders, with numerous conclusions drawn. Clearly the term “energy independence” can be defined many ways. In terms of power generation, the country already is energy independent. But US petroleum import volumes usually lie at the heart of this question… Keep reading →

London Zoo Conduct Their Annual Animal Stocktake

Leave it to good old T. Boone Pickens to compare frog boiling with the US-Opec strategic relationship. Pickens today posted a piece on LinkedIn promoting his ‘Pickens Plan’ – a multi-pronged approach to eliminating US oil imports – that harkened back to President Nixon’s promise of US energy independence. In 1973, President Nixon said: “Let… Keep reading →

There is no question that the US has remained an energy giant in production terms throughout its history, but its role as a giant energy consumer has outpaced even the capacity of its prodigious resource base to serve industry and consumer demand.

Roughly 14% of US crude oil comes from Saudi Arabia with substantial amounts also coming from Venezuela, Nigeria and Mexico – the largest single importer is Canada, which provides the US with close to a third of its crude oil supply. Keep reading →