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U.S. Gas Prices Rise 12 Cents In Past Week

The Short-term Energy Outlook is the EIA’s periodic analysis of where energy fundamentals appear to be heading based on current data and assumptions. The reports cover supply/demand dynamics and pricing for oil, natural gas, refined products, coal, power, renewables, emissions and the US economy. This edition of the EIA’s STEO – released earlier this week… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

The US oil and gas industry often points opponents to job creation and other economic benefits associated with their business activities. When environmental concerns are raised, highlighting job creation – a somewhat common industry communications strategy – confuses the conversation and fails to address the issue at hand. However, the Washington Post recently challenged the… Keep reading →

Dow Chemicals Plans To Layoff 5,000 Employees

Dow Chemical has gotten a lot of press about their position against “unfettered” LNG exports from the US. The chemical giant fears its competitively cheap natural gas feedstock advantage could erode if US gas were exported in volumes that cut into domestic supply, creating scarcity relative to demand for things like petrochemicals, plastics and other… Keep reading →

Markets Rise On Economic Data

Though it’s not easy to quantify exactly how much the recent US oil & gas production boom contributes to GDP growth, the CME Group’s Chief Economist Blu Putnam gives it a go. Read an exclusive Breaking Energy interview with Blu Putnam here. Since 2005 US oil production increased 29% and natural gas output rose 33%,… Keep reading →

Congressional Showdown As Government Shutdown Looms

Energy issues featured prominently in the 2012 presidential election and now the Obama Administration is highlighting the important role energy plays in the economy, national security and the environment by again proclaiming October “National Energy Action Month.” Despite some lofty language, it’s not entirely clear how US citizens are supposed to help achieve high-level goals… Keep reading →

The centrality of the shale revolution to a resurgence in the US economy has been widely examined but rarely given such thorough analytical backing as it is in this video from Rice University’s Professor Peter Hartley.

While Hartley’s comments on North America’s conventional and unconventional natural resource endowment and upside production potential preceded the high-profile release of Boston Consulting Group’s report on the potential for an immense resurgence in the US manufacturing and export sector this week, he notes the degree to which the region enjoys economic and geopolitical competitive advantages in an increasingly globalized international landscape. Keep reading →

Jamie Dimon says the US economy is holding a “royal straight flush.” The JPMorgan Chase CEO, speaking this week at a New York Stock Exchange event marking the launch of the latest Fortune 500 list, detailed what he says is the country’s strong hand: the world’s strongest military, best businesses, most entrepreneurial workforce and deepest capital markets. Dimon is one of the most high-profile executives on Wall Street — and has been the target of popular anger in the aftermath of the financial crisis and Washington bailouts of Wall Street. He says it rolls off his back. But he has less tolerance for attacks on big business. “It denigrates some of the best things in America, and it hurts business and consumer confidence,” he said.