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The solar industry is rapidly expanding, providing enough clean electricity to power millions of homes across the country. Still, solar variability — fluctuations in solar power output based on the availability of sunlight — presents a challenge for the continued expansion of the industry. Some aspects of solar variability (think sunrise and sunset) are simple… Keep reading →


In homes and commercial buildings, about one-third of electricity consumption is attributed to miscellaneous and electronic loads (MELs) — appliances like toasters, printers, fans and clocks. Many devices fall into this category; however, because of the variety of devices and the expense of the technology used to test them, their energy use is not understood… Keep reading →

UK's First Large-Scale Desalination Plant In Operation

“It all comes down to the performance of the membrane.” Greentech Media’s editorial focus is on renewable energy, the modernization of the electrical grid, and the evolution of the utility-customer relationship as distributed generation deployment increases. But we also cover water technology, because the water-energy nexus can’t be ignored. There is a looming water crisis… Keep reading →

Could the United States cut its energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing incentives for the use of low-carbon fuels – while still allowing everyone to use whichever fuels they want?

The National Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Project says a policy encouraging the use of electricity, hydrogen, and biomass feedstock for transportation fuels would be feasible, timely, and eminently justified. Keep reading →