Why the US should strive for a Holistic Regional Framework on Sustainable Offshore Natural Resource Development Over the weekend, the US assumed the two-year rotating chairmanship of the Arctic Council, an intergovernmental forum, at the conclusion of the 2015 ministerial meeting in Iqaluit (Canada). The US has outlined a policy agenda with a focus on… Keep reading →

6th International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

By Everett Rosenfeld Territorial conflict is an old story in the South China Sea, where several nations make conflicting claims on the region—and its oil and gas potential. But the escalating conflict between Vietnam and China is something new altogether. Le Quang Nhat | AFP | Getty Images Anti-China protesters march while shouting slogans in Ho Chi Minh City, May… Keep reading →

China Launches Huge Oil Production And Storage Vessel

PENTAGON: Interspersed with strong declarations by Gen. Fang Fenghui,  head of the People’s Liberation Army’s general staff, that China is right in all of its territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas, there were clear indications that the United States and China are grappling with how to craft a more stable and more intimate… Keep reading →

Yukos Oil and Gas Company

The development of Arctic energy resources poses the potential for an energy security competition between the Great Powers and Arctic stakeholders that will alter the geopolitical climate. The hydrocarbon reserves – 25% of world deposits- available under the melting ice caps, and undiscovered oil and gas will see states shifting their economic and foreign policy… Keep reading →

Royal Arctic Expedition On The Icebreaker 'Oden'

The Arctic – a cohesive region located north of the Arctic Circle – falls under the separate jurisdiction of eight countries with a population of about 4.2 million people and an annual economy of about US$230 billion. Interestingly, the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Arctic draws a nice comparison to “emerging markets”… Keep reading →

Greenland:  A Laboratory For The Symptoms Of Global Warming

Once again, all eyes will turn to the Arctic this week as Canada sets to file its UN claim over an extended continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean. As a signatory to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in 2003, in order to obtain exclusive rights over the upcoming claim to… Keep reading →