UN Climate Summit 2015

Exxon Valdez Oil Disaster 15 Years Later

President Obama has used his trip to Alaska to thrust climate change to the forefront by putting the state’s liquefying glaciers and sinking villages on graphic display. [Yahoo News] The next phase of California’s clean energy leadership will face¬†a set of bills in the State Assembly that would substantially expand the state’s existing clean energy… Keep reading →

US Secretary Hillary Clinton speaks to r

Hilary Clinton’s speech on Monday in Des Moines, Iowa in which she outlined an energy agenda that plans to generate 33% of the United States electricity from renewables¬†reinforced the importance of energy in the 2016 election. The contrasting view between Republican candidates and Clinton on climate change underscores the partisan nature of the climate debate… Keep reading →

Bicycle Taxi In Paris

The closing plenary session of Dentons Global Energy Summit in London on April 22nd, appropriately scheduled to take place on Earth Day 2015, offered a unique series of perspectives on the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.