Iguacu Falls A Finalist In New Seven Wonders Of Nature Contest

“Distributed, point-of-use solar should prove to be the most disruptive renewable technology.” The financial services firm UBS is predicting a “difficult year ahead” for global investor-owned utilities. In a recent research paper, UBS equities analysts outlined a combination of challenges for utilities: rising interest rates that will likely push investors toward higher-risk stocks and away… Keep reading →

One World Trade Center Becomes Tallest Building In New York

  Many younger professionals working today have had a hard time in jumpstarting their careers. For all the talk of coddled millennials, many graduated into the worst job market in decades with significant student debt and facing the kind of industry disruptions that tend to result in mass layoffs amid serious fundamental skills mismatches. It… Keep reading →

State Renewable Portfolio Standards may come under increasing pressure amid low natural gas prices, excess power generation capacity and the cost of compliance, leading energy analyst says.

“The world for renewables today is quite different from the renewables world we faced over the last several years,” Ron Norman, renewable energy specialist at PA Consulting Group, told a symposium held in San Francisco last week. “Before 2009, we had extraordinarily high gas prices and pending C02 legislation, low growth throughout the US and since that time we’ve had a crash in natural gas prices.” Keep reading →

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange March 21, 2012 just after the opening bell.

There seem to be few limits to the number of risks that can circle any new energy project, whether it be an oil well or an efficiency-boosting technology designed for the home. From politics to privacy to financing to a lack of metrics, the obstacles often inhibit needed investment in the US and abroad as infrastructure ages while global demand grows. Keep reading →

Volatility in the overall financial markets have taken a heavy toll on clean tech companies with IPO ambitions, while valuations of publicly traded stocks had dropped dramatically by two thirds, investment bankers in the sector conceded this week.

Clean tech market sector capitalization was valued at $475 billion at the high point in 2007, said David Dolezal, head of the Americas Renewable Energy and Cleantech division at UBS, the largest trader of clean tech stocks. But that figure has now been slashed to $142 billion, the equivalent market capitalization of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Keep reading →