Air Force Aircraft & Personnel Depart For The Middle East

The company’s crackdown on fake accounts caused a stir in some regional countries, but the expanding use of encrypted messaging platforms may say more about the people’s sentiment toward their leaders. When Twitter purged millions of fake accounts on July 13, Saudi Arabia seized on the incident as an opportunity to embarrass its rival Qatar.… Keep reading →

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East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Social media can be a fun way to keep up with friends, play games and kill time, but it can also be a source of real-time news and a platform used to disseminate critical information during emergencies. You’d be hard pressed to read an online news article or watch a news broadcast on television without… Keep reading →

Air Pollution In Beijing

It’s common knowledge that the air in China is bad. After all, the country uses 50% of the world’s coal. But just how bad the air is – is it unhealthy or lightly polluted? – is more than just semantics. It’s been the source of debate and controversy between the US and Chinese governments. In… Keep reading →


With momentum building for solar energy in the United States, we want to talk about solar with you. Join us this Wednesday, February 12, at 1 p.m. ET, for a live #AskEnergy Twitter Q&A on all things solar. To join the conversation, submit your questions in advance and during the live Twitter Q&A by emailing [email protected], posting in the comments on the Energy… Keep reading →

Syrian Opposition In London For Talks With 11 Foreign Ministers

The Saudis are unhappy with several recent US foreign policy decisions in the Middle East and North Africa, and some fear cooler relations with Riyadh would weaken the US’ regional footing. Secretary of State John Kerry has been meeting with Prince Saud al-Faisal in London and Paris over the past few days trying to iron… Keep reading →

One of London’s growing number of clean-tech startup companies has created an online market place to cut energy use and carbon emissions by linking buyers and sellers of personal and freight transportation.

Carbon Voyage offers travelers a way of sharing rides to save money and fuel, and brokers trucking services to allow companies to ship their goods via reliable carriers who can make fewer trips with empty vehicles. Keep reading →

The traffic circle at the intersection of Old Street and City Road in East London’s Shoreditch neighborhood would be just another ugly piece of urban infrastructure if it hadn’t become identified with the city’s booming technology industry.

The circle – or roundabout, as the Brits call the familiar road features – is at the heart of a cluster of high-tech firms ranging from Google and Intel to hundreds of startups that have opened their doors in the last four years, generating a creative cluster that has invited comparisons with California’s Silicon Valley. Keep reading →

API President & CEO, Jack Gerard

Most in the energy business know the American Petroleum Institute as a Washington DC-based oil and natural gas industry lobby, but some may be surprised to learn the organization’s first initiatives were the creation of an authoritative statistics program and an industry standardization drive. Keep reading →