Transport Fuels


Natural gas can deliver substantial carbon emissions reductions when displacing coal, and the United States has taken good advantage of it in the past several years. But the U.S. experience might be “one moment in time and space,” says Stockholm Environment Institute senior scientist Michael Lazarus, lead author of a new paper [PDF] on gas and… Keep reading →

Dalian Port In China

The project is a way from shovels in the ground, but UK-based independent Tullow Oil is working towards bringing the considerable oil resources it’s discovered in Kenya and Uganda to market, which will require an extremely long, heated pipeline to transport the waxy crude. [The Observer] As businesses continue to seize opportunities presented by currently… Keep reading →

Price Of Oil Falls Declines During Trading, Gas Prices Creep Upwards

One of the biggest hurdles biofuels need to overcome is replicating the energy density of liquid transport fuels at lower cost. It’s been said that a scientist will never say something is impossible given unlimited funding. Unfortunately, the most brilliant theoretical energy innovations remain confined by economic realities. Breaking Energy recently covered the potential for… Keep reading →