Renewable Energy Update – February 2017 #4

California Power Grid Strained By Heat Wave

Senate leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) is proposing legislation, SB 584, that would require California to generate all of its electricity from renewable sources.

Detroit Auto Show

In a rare move, Toyota Motor Corp. announced last week that it will allow other firms to use its nearly 6,000 patents related to fuel cells. It said it wants to spread the technology globally while spurring competition for further development. Tesla made a similar patent announcement last year. The success of FCVs largely depends… Keep reading →

6th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo Begins

California, facing a bit of a chicken or egg dilemma, is plunging ahead on building a hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The hope is that doing so will open the door to fuel-cell vehicle adoption – and at least one big carmaker is getting in on the effort. Legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last fall included… Keep reading →

San Francisco Mayor Lee Makes Green Taxi Announcement

Green History Without fanfare or an exact date, a collective automotive epiphany took place a decade ago. Nearly every major carmaker was in on it, except for Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer had its own environmental awakening 17 years ago when it introduced its first hybrid car. Toyota unveiled its gas-electric engine in Japan in 1997,… Keep reading →


Next week, more than 2,000 energy innovators will gather just outside Washington, D.C., for the Energy Department’s ARPA-EEnergy Innovation Summit. The event, now in its fifth year, brings together entrepreneurs, investors, industry and government thought leaders to collaborate, share knowledge and build relationships to help bring transformative energy technologies to market. Here is what you… Keep reading →

Pick-Up Trucks Drive Ford Sales Up 12 Percent In August

A good deal of talk about fuel efficiency of late has focused on alternative fuel engine technologies, and new fuel efficiency standards will require that auto manufacturers use innovative technology to increase fuel efficiency across their models. Ford has recently announced that sales of its F-150 EcoBoost trucks have surpassed 400,000 since the model’s roll-out… Keep reading →

39th Tokyo Motor Show 2005 Preview

Toyota, continuing a steady march towards a 2015 debut of its first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, plans to showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month a concept version of what this new offering might look like. It is still a work in progress, however, showing evolution from the automaker’s earlier designs. The… Keep reading →

With 30% coal generation in NRG Energy’s fleet, chief executive David Crane cannot exactly be hailed the Sun King. But the photovoltaic roof over the top tier of the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey is a crowning solar achievement for what may become the largest independent electricity generator in the US after its pending merger with GenOn is approved.

“Not all renewables are created equal and solar has versatility lacking in other technologies such as wind,” said Crane. “To NRG, solar is the gamechanger.” Keep reading →

Energy efficiency and solar are the low hanging fruit for American companies both at home and overseas, former President Bill Clinton said yesterday.

“We should pick the low hanging fruit. It always begins with efficiency. We’re much more energy efficient than we used to be but we have not made a serious attempt to get it to scale,” Clinton said in the closing keynote of the National Clean Energy Conference in Las Vegas last week. Keep reading →

How a quest for a ten-fold improvement in batteries promises to make electric vehicles deliver on their remarkable potential.

The din that accompanied the birth of modern electric vehicles has quieted, despite a steady parade of new models and the ascent of gas prices to worrisome highs. The relative quiet is good news though, a sign that electric vehicles (EVs) are entering a critical period when the technology must evolve from exotic to everyday. Keep reading →

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