The Kremlin

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

As global oil prices continue to plunge based on an aggressive international trading policy by Saudi Arabia, questions are being raised about the sustainability of the U.S. shale boom. “The price of oil fell some more on Tuesday, down as low as $75.84 before closing at $77 a barrel. The decline is blamed on Saudi Arabia… Keep reading →

Uncertainty Remains In Ukrainian Capital Kiev After Controversial Referendum Gives Russia Control Of Crimea

Following Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, tensions between the West and the Kremlin have been dangerously simmering. Meanwhile, the spotlight has moved to Eastern Ukraine where unmarked soldiers appear to be keen on destabilizing the situation further. Anti-Ukrainian agitators seized government buildings and police stations making a mockery of Kiev’s sovereignty. This sets up an ideal breeding… Keep reading →

2014 Paralympic Winter Games - Opening Ceremony

President Obama upped the ante yesterday in the burgeoning trade war with Russia over the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine when he announced an executive order that authorized sanctioning Russian economic sectors. The first round of sanctions targeted individual Russian officials, but now enterprises involved in Russia’s energy sector – including banks, trading houses and… Keep reading →