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Renewable Energy Update – August 2016


SolarCity Corp agreed to be acquired by sister company Tesla Motors Inc. in a deal worth $200 million less than the initial offer.

bob lutz on squawk box

Bob Lutz, the former GM executive dubbed Mr. Chevy Volt by one website for his efforts at developing the electric vehicle, isn’t buying what Elon Musk is selling when it comes to energy storage. In a CNBC appearance this week, he said the Powerwall is nothing new and “greatly overvalued,” the Gigafactory will give Tesla no real… Keep reading →

Renewable Energy Update – June 2015

Germany Debates Its Energy Future

The California Senate approved a sweeping package of climate change bills designed to cement the Golden State’s reputation as a national leader in the fight against global warming.

California Faces Continued Energy Woes

Insight for Industry – Breakthroughs in Battery Storage Technologies Carry Impacts for Wind and Solar On April 30, 2015, Tesla Motors unveiled its Powerwall and Powerpack lithium ion batteries for homes and utility-scale applications, which could facilitate an increased role for wind and solar energy resources that have so far been limited by a need… Keep reading →

tesla gigafactory

Tesla’s Elon Musk wowed the world with batteries for home and business energy storage late last month, but let’s not forget the guy is in the electric car business. Lux Research hasn’t forgotten. The Boston-based agency, pimping a new report on lithium-ion battery trends, said Panasonic and Tesla’s joint battery technology, brought to large-scale production at the… Keep reading →

boxing gloves

Tesla grabbed lots of headlines last week with its energy storage product announcement, but New York could be doing more to prove energy storage technology and advance the market. “New York quietly (as least compared with Tesla) gave out the first $500,000 to kick-start five community microgrids in the state. It was the beginning of… Keep reading →


Tesla Motors is now more than an electric car maker. As expected, the California company late Thursday night presented new stationary batteries for homes, businesses and even utilities, all wrapped up in a significant new business called Tesla Energy. There was nothing revolutionary about the lithium-ion battery technology itself in the “Powerwall” and “Powerpack” products that… Keep reading →

Telsa CEO Elon Musk Unveils New Vehicle

Elon Musk described the new Tesla Model D as a digital vehicle compared to conventional ICE autos which are analog mechanical machines. The Model D is an iterative upgrade of the Model S, but it presents two significant feature sets that demonstrate how the auto world is moving from the analog to the digital age… Keep reading →

EU, Ukraine And Russia Continue Negotiations Over Natural Gas Shipments

Natural gas supply negotiations between Russia’s Gazprom and Ukraine’s Nagtogaz appear to be inching closer to a deal. In fact, the two sides have agreed on a price of $385 per thousand cubic meters, but payment details now appear to be a sticking point. “If the Ukrainians have the money, then the documents will be signed. If not,… Keep reading →

Renault Presents Cannes Film Festival Official Car 'Latitude'

Christophe de Margerie, CEO of major French oil company Total, was killed Monday night when his corporate jet crashed into a snow removal vehicle on the runway of an airport near Moscow. The company reportedly has no succession plant in place, but has strong corporate governance led by a long-standing board of directors. “Barclays France… Keep reading →

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