San Bruno pipeline explosion 2

Oh, you didn’t know that penalties are tax deductible?

World's Population Hits 7 Billion Mark

One thing that is very clear from political discussions about the burden higher gasoline prices put on US consumers is that there are few on Capitol Hill who are likely to push for higher gasoline prices. But Oregon state representative Earl Blumenauer is going against the grain, with a proposal to phase in a $0.15 per… Keep reading →

Solar Energy Remains Popular For Private Homeowners

By transferring a portion of a commercial building’s electricity expenses to its property tax bill, Demeter Power is paving the way for an expansion of distributed solar generation in small- to medium-sized commercial buildings. Demeter Power, a provider of financing solutions for commercial distributed generation, has been awarded $500,000 through the Department of Energy’s SunShot… Keep reading →

It is the best of times for renewable energy project developers and it is the worst of times for renewable energy project developers, and the difference lies in a single contract.

The existence of a signed power purchase agreement (PPA) between the developer of a renewable energy generation project and an established utility marks the divide between a premium-valuation market for renewable assets and a deeply discounted valuation in an overcrowded market. Keep reading →

Plans to tax the booming natural gas industry in Pennsylvania were the focus of dueling bills among state lawmakers on Wednesday, with proposed tax rates varying between one and three percent of revenue from production.

A bill passed by the Republican-controlled Senate late Tuesday would tax the industry at about 3 percent, while a House amendment being debated Wednesday seeks a rate of 1 percent, which would be the lowest of any gas-producing state. Keep reading →