Tar Sands

Prime Minister Harper And Supporters Await Election Results

The Canadian government has spent several million dollars on a tar sands advocacy fund in its failed push to export oil, new documents have revealed. [The Guardian] CPS Energy CEO Doyle Beneby, who has pushed the San Antonio owned utility toward using cleaner energy sources, has announced his resignation. [San Antonio Express News] Chile mines… Keep reading →

High Gas Prices Prompt Bush's Decision To Lift Ban On Offshore Oil Drilling

Ever wonder how oil drilled out of the ground reaches your car and home products, check out this infographic to find out and more! View post on imgur.com  Courtesy of Aries Residence Suites.

Federal officials postponed a crucial permitting decision for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline Thursday afternoon, issuing plans to consider a new route for the project. The pipeline was proposed by Calgary-based TransCanada to link a vast oil patch in Alberta to refineries in Texas. The additional review would not likely be concluded until the early months of 2013, Obama administration officials said, adding that they would, among other things, weigh the impacts of the pipeline on the global climate in making a final decision of whether it is in the national interest.

The delay pushes a decision on the contentious proposal well beyond the 2012 presidential election in November, allowing President Obama to avoid a politically fractious determination in the midst of his reelection bid. Keep reading →

WASHINGTON — Environmental groups filed suit against the Obama administration on Wednesday, alleging that U.S. federal officials illegally allowed work on the Keystone XL oil pipeline to begin before the proposed project had been approved.

The Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth and the Western Nebraska Resources Council sued the State Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday for violating the National Environmental Policy Act by allegedly allowing construction of the pipeline to begin in Nebraska. Keep reading →