marcellus output

Marcellus shale gas producer Range Resources reported record production of 1.2 billion cubic feet per day equivalent of natural gas, but getting that gas to higher-value markets is proving a bigger challenge than producing it. “Executives quoted forecasts showing that between mid-2015 and 2018, pipeline companies are expected to add 34 Bcf/d of midstream capacity.… Keep reading →

Chinese Labourers Work At Lunnan Oilfield In Xinjiang

A new report evaluates shale energy development potential around the world and the degree to which freshwater access is likely to impact that development. Despite a fair amount of water related risk in many regions, the upside is tight resources are in early stages of exploration and production, giving stakeholders time to collaborate on water… Keep reading →

sweden trash

Sweden burns about as much household waste as it recycles – 2 million tons – and generates energy from the garbage. The country’s waste to energy incinerators have spare capacity, causing them to occasionally import trash from other nations. [Video: Swedish Government] Environmental group EDF is teaming up with 7 oil and gas companies to… Keep reading →