Supply Chain

Steams rises from the Kawasaki natural g

A number of global LNG export projects – existing, under construction and planned – process (or will process) natural gas produced from unitized gas fields.

Altmaier Visits Enercon Wind Turbine Factory

With long development timelines, it’s not apparent yet in new installation capacity, but there was another strong signal on Monday that the wind power manufacturing supply chain is coming back in the United States. The question is if the growth will be sustained. First the news: Big turbine blade manufacturer LM Wind Power put out… Keep reading →

Customers Line Up For Opening Of Ikea Store In Colorado

Some of the most promising climate-friendly innovations are already out there on the market, they just need to be brought to scale. And large companies can be instrumental in that role, as even minor modifications to production and distribution reverberate across massive global supply chains. “Even the most innovative companies find it difficult to innovate,”… Keep reading →

Is there a future in the US for renewables without federal incentives?

That is the question PA Consulting Group asked itself recently, and renewable energy expert Barbara Sands came up with a three-part answer that focuses on supply chain shifts. Producers need to act on multiple fronts to manage the impact of expiring federal cash grants at the same time that demand ahead of renewable portfolio standard 2020 requirements in the states begins to rise. Keep reading →