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Germany Invests In Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable transportation fuels like ethanol have been under the microscope lately, as fighting over the Renewable Fuel Standard ratcheted up in the days leading up to EPA’s proposed 2014 blending requirements. While corn-based ethanol received most of the attention – due to an investigative report highlighting some of the industry’s negative environmental impacts – the… Keep reading →

Natural gas prices will remain little-changed from their current levels over the remainder of the year and into 2012, analysts said as they review the fuel’s recovery from a slight dip in May amid a broader commodities sell-off and ahead of first-half 2011 financial results.

Low and comparatively stable natural gas markets are widely held to be structuring the impending future of the US power sector, limiting the uptake of more-expensive renewable fuels and easing the impacts of emissions limits that could impose new costs on power plants. The fuel’s accessibility and pricing has attracted the attention of alternative-fuel vehicle manufacturers, who propose a new transport system based on natural gas rather than refined petroleum. Keep reading →