Suez Canal

Oil Price Rise Sees Increase in Suez Canal Traffic

Cairo’s expensive nuclear deal with Moscow will likely increase the country’s economic burden and susceptibility to Russian influence. Egypt is reportedly on the cusp of finalizing a $25 billion loan from Russia to construct a civilian nuclear power facility near Dabaa on the Mediterranean coast. While the new plant will help Cairo satisfy the country’s… Keep reading →


Natural gas production from the Marcellus shale formation – primarily from West Virginia and Pennsylvania – exceeded 15 billion cubic feet per day through July, equivalent to 21% of total 2013 US marketed gas production. With the rig count essentially stable, increases in drilling productivity are driving output growth. “…production from new wells is more… Keep reading →

Unrest Grows After Court Upholds Death Sentences For 21 Convicted Port Said Football Rioters

It made for great headlines, but the Syrian conflict never posed a serious risk to global oil supplies. Syria’s domestic production has dwindled and civil war ground exports down to virtually nothing last year. Escalating violence in Egypt, however, presents much more serious global oil market risk. Insurgents displeased with the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood… Keep reading →


Pigs (the ones you send through pipelines for maintenance and inspection purposes) may not be capable of finding the sorts of cracks that led to a 5,000 barrel spill from ExxonMobil’s Pegasus pipeline in March. “Smart pigs are the linchpin of the industry’s efforts to monitor pipes, but they aren’t reliable for finding all serious… Keep reading →

Oil Price Rise Sees Increase in Suez Canal Traffic

By: Katy Barnato Oil prices have rebounded since the overthrow of Egypt’s President Morsi last month, but analysts dispute whether Middle Eastern turmoil is the real factor behind the rally, and how much further the commodity will rise — if at all. (Read more: Scenes from the turmoil in Egypt) Unrest in the country has rattled investors’ nerves and raised… Keep reading →

The Nation's Capitol Celebrates 4th Of July With Fireworks Display

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July! Here’s what’s happening in energy news. West Texas Intermediate crude is trading near a 14-month high, spurred by unrest in Egypt and a sunny outlook for US economic growth. [Bloomberg] And Brent hit a three-month high today after Egypt’s army declared a state of emergency in areas… Keep reading →