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Tour of California - Stage 7

Solar securitization, which we’ve recently covered, appears to be moving forward with an announcement last week that SolarCity plans to sell $54 million in asset-backed securities. The concept is similar to now-famous mortgage-backed securities that precipitated the global financial crisis, but proponents claim they are less risky. [The Atlantic] California cities are getting into biogas,… Keep reading →

State Renewable Portfolio Standards may come under increasing pressure amid low natural gas prices, excess power generation capacity and the cost of compliance, leading energy analyst says.

“The world for renewables today is quite different from the renewables world we faced over the last several years,” Ron Norman, renewable energy specialist at PA Consulting Group, told a symposium held in San Francisco last week. “Before 2009, we had extraordinarily high gas prices and pending C02 legislation, low growth throughout the US and since that time we’ve had a crash in natural gas prices.” Keep reading →