Spot Prices

Yukos Oil and Gas Company

This quote is not in reference to the highly-politicized Keystone XL oil pipeline project, as one might first assume, but was made with regard to New England natural gas pipeline constraints that cause spot prices to soar during demand spikes. Utilities often opt not to pay for more expensive uninterruptable supply, forcing them into the… Keep reading →

Heating Oil Supplies Short As Winter Season Begins

The news has been buzzing about heating fuel demand and price spikes due to sustained frigid temperatures across much of the US. Roughly 80% of homes primarily heated with oil are located in the northeast, where the market has flipped into backwardation, meaning spot prices are higher than those for future delivery contracts. “This steep… Keep reading →

Sub-Zero Temperatures Put Chicago Into Deep Freeze

Freezing weather throughout much of the US is sending spot energy prices soaring. “Natural gas for next-day delivery on the Transco pipeline into New York rose to a record $90 per million British thermal units on Monday, up 660 per cent from last week’s close and 20 times more than benchmark futures prices, according to… Keep reading →

OPEC Heads Of State Gather In Saudi Arabia

Opec countries’ oil export revenues – excluding Iran – reached $982 billion last year, up by 5% over the previous year, according to Energy Information Administration estimates. This marks a record for EIA estimates covering the 1975-2012 time period, with Saudi Arabia accounting for 32% of the total. But revenues are projected to fall this year and… Keep reading →