Renewable Energy Update – August 2016


SolarCity Corp agreed to be acquired by sister company Tesla Motors Inc. in a deal worth $200 million less than the initial offer.

Renewable Energy Update – April 2016 #3

Cleveland's COOPs

In a 10-2 vote this Wednesday, the California Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee passed A.B. 2460, a bill that would expand consumer incentives for rooftop solar thermal technologies.

Renewable Energy Update – March 2016 #3

Scottish Windfarm Starts Producing Electricity

Yolo County and the City of Davis are joining a growing number of communities in California in buying their own electricity with the hope of getting less expensive energy from greener sources.

Massive Solar Electricity Plant Provides Power To California Homes

If you want a good example how bad government can kill good jobs and clean energy innovation, take a look at what’s happening in Nevada, where a decision by Governor Brian Sandoval’s appointees, pushed by NV Energy Inc., essentially killed the thriving local solar energy industry. In December 2015, Gov. Sandoval’s Public Utilities Commission (PUCN)… Keep reading →

Renewable Energy Update – November 2015 #4

Government Report Cites Solar Industry Supports More Jobs Than Coal Industry

Silver Lake nearly quadruples initial investment in SolarCity.

Renewable Energy Update – September 2015

Conventional Energy Production Becoming Less Profitable

The U.S. energy storage market had its best quarter in two and a half years.

Houston Scenics

How ERCOT’s idea for aggregating solar, storage and other DERs could unlock the state’s grid-edge potential  Texas, despite being one of the country’s largest and sunniest energy markets, has not seen a lot of growth of distributed solar power. Beyond low energy prices, one big reason is that the Texas deregulated energy market, which covers… Keep reading →

Plug-In 2008 Conference And Expo Highlights Latest Hybrid Electric Car

The state’s solar future can’t rely on a flawed modeling platform, say those who’ve tried to use it.  California’s attempt to rework its solar regulations could be stymied by a flawed and ineffective software planning tool meant to model the cost-effectiveness of proposed policies to replace the state’s current net metering regime. That’s the stunning… Keep reading →

zs peak solarcity

When SolarCity management had its most recent earnings call, in February, there was a lot of disappointment about deployments in the commercial sector. The company built just 28 megawatts in the final quarter of 2014, less than it had in the same quarter in 2013. On an annual basis, commercial went from 75 out of… Keep reading →

We-Ko-Pa Golf Club 14th sunrise

An Arizona solar installer is glad that “a utility in our state is saying, ‘We see a place for solar.’”  Arizona utility APS just proposed that its regulator increase the grid access charge for solar “from 70 cents per kilowatt — or approximately $5 per month — to $3 per kilowatt, or roughly $21 per… Keep reading →

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