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German based energy supply company, E.ON is looking to move into the U.K. and enter the energy storage and solar energy markets.  The company unveiled their available solar and storage system technologies to U.K. customers this week. E.ON Solar and Storage will be installing solar and energy storage systems for both existing E.ON customers and… Keep reading →

Minnesota now boasts the country’s first attempt to collectively source power from community solar gardens with municipal governments. The results were “modestly successful.” The difference between this program and others of a similar vein in other parts of the country comes down to cost savings. None have set out to invest in community solar with… Keep reading →

Cities Will Continue To Lead Us Towards 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

From civil rights to marriage equality, cities have long held a tradition of raising ambition and setting the course to advance bold solutions for national change. Today, as climate change jeopardizes our coastlines and water supplies, and as fossil fuels pollute our air, making people sick, cities are forging ahead to build a new energy… Keep reading →

danko doe solar2There are many reasons why the solar energy industry has been in the news so often lately. Within the last decade, costs have taken a nose-dive, while volume and usage have steadily climbed. Within the next 30 years, the International Energy Agency predicts that solar energy could count for up to 16% of the globe’s entire energy. As it stands, it generates 1%. However, analysts have been critical of this optimistic growth potential, citing that it would only be possible if governments change their policies concerning solar energy.

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Costa Rica Uses 100 Percent Renewable Energy For A Record 75 Days

AES, one of the world’s largest energy companies worth some $37 billion, operates 35,000 megawatts in power plants across the globe. However, within a few weeks, this will all change. By acquiring sPower, this M&A transaction poses a new trend to the renewable energy sector: purchasing larger portfolios verses a project management approach to grow… Keep reading →


The Wall Street Journal has returned attention to the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the $2.2 billion Department of Energy-backed concentrating solar power plant whose slow start became the subject of some controversy after a Breaking Energy story last fall. The Journal reported that “15 months after starting up, the California plant is producing just 40… Keep reading →

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There’s no question that variable resources like solar PV and wind present unique grid challenges, but with the Clean Power Plan pointing to higher penetration levels, there’s a lot of debate about how big an issue integration really is. The North American Electrical Reliability Corporation set off alarms bells in late April with a report that said… Keep reading →

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The commercial and industrial solar power sector has not yet taken flight in the same way that residential and utility-scale solar has in recent years. But to many in the solar industry, that just screams opportunity. The C&I solar market is a strange animal for several reasons, but changing economics, regulations and technology appear to… Keep reading →


Natural gas can deliver substantial carbon emissions reductions when displacing coal, and the United States has taken good advantage of it in the past several years. But the U.S. experience might be “one moment in time and space,” says Stockholm Environment Institute senior scientist Michael Lazarus, lead author of a new paper [PDF] on gas and… Keep reading →

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China will overtake Germany as the world’s solar leader this year based on cumulative installed capacity, and the United States is likely to move up a spot to No. 4. But China and the U.S. are big countries, and when you take population into consideration, the solar leadership picture changes – a lot. Here are the… Keep reading →

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