Solar Capacity

Let’s Talk About Solar Power And Equity

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We need to have “the talk” about solar power and equity, because ignoring uncomfortable questions will invite misinformation and bad decisions. We need an informed dialogue about how local solar power can impact low-income communities and communities of color in the U.S. We need to talk about “all the good things, and the bad things,… Keep reading →


Quick Take: Pity poor Japan. They’ve never had much in fossil fuels, so they migrated to nuclear for electric power generation. Then the Fukushima disaster pulled the rug out from under nuclear, necessitating a head-long rush to renewables plus demand-side management. But integrating renewables at scale requires improvements in the grid, improvements that take time. We… Keep reading →


Nicknamed the “Whaling City” for its once-preeminent commercial whaling port, New Bedford, Massachusetts, has a long history of economic prosperity tied to energy production. Today, New Bedford is once again tying its future to energy — only this time it’s focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy production rather than whale oil. This shift is… Keep reading →