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Worthy Farm To Install UK's Largest Private Solar Panel System

Various products have hit the market to try to overcome a major hurdle to solar financing and securitization –  a lack of standardized metrics to provide a measuring stick against which financial institutions can quickly and easily assess solar projects. These include Mercatus’ solar project scoring system and Sol Systems’ SolMarket. Both of these seek… Keep reading →

HUSUM 2012 Wind Energy Trade Fair

Silver Spring Networks topped Inc. Magazine’s rankings. The editors at Inc. magazine have released their rankings of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America. The list offers an interesting snapshot of where growth is taking place in the energy sector. The boom in America’s unconventional oil and gas development is clearly evident on the list. Out of the 110 energy… Keep reading →

To secure financing for renewable energy projects, developers must find investors willing to manage a suite of technological, financial and political risks.

Most technologies in renewable energy are relatively new and untested. On top of that, competition from markets with lower manufacturing costs is pressuring solar panel and wind turbine manufacturing, and fluctuating agricultural and transport fuel prices are adding uncertainty to investments in biofuels. Keep reading →

A spate of bankruptcies in US solar manufacturers is not a sign of imminent industry collapse, but the inevitable result of competition in a new and evolving market, according to industry representatives.

Solar manufacturer Solyndra announced its intention to file for bankruptcy on the final day of August, following bankruptcy filings by Evergreen Solar on August 15 and SpectraWatt on August 19. The three firms’ failures prompted a flurry of commentary about the challenges facing US solar manufacturing, and prospects for the sector’s survival. Keep reading →