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Sunset Lines Up With Manhattan's Street Grid

Do you remember where were you were and what you were doing the day the first iPhone was released? What about the moment when Senator Obama became a real contender for the White House? It is rare to experience a pivotal moment in history, and appreciate its significance in real time. Last week, the New… Keep reading →

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2014 International CES

Houston tech start-up approved for business in Connecticut HOUSTON, Sept. 21, 2015 Today, Innowatts LLC, a technology company specializing in personalized energy products, announced that it has expanded its platform to the northeastern markets. The State of Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority approved Innowatts to operate in the state, bringing Innowatts’ total amount of states… Keep reading →

smart meter

At Tuesday’s New York Energy Week Smart Grid Roundtable discussion, experts from various perspectives talked about how smart metering and new data sources are changing power grid operations, customer engagement and revenue structures. Price signals are key to altering customer behavior with regard to energy consumption, but a smart meter alone may not be enough… Keep reading →

It’s Not Magic. It’s Voltage Optimization.


Imagine homeowners and businesses saving millions of dollars – and cutting pollution – without needing to do anything. Magic? No, but it does require electric utilities to take advantage of new technologies that better provide customers with just the right amount of voltage to their electrical outlets. Many appliances, including incandescent lighting, work just as… Keep reading →

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

The amount of energy we use at any given time is constantly changing. Lights are switched on and off by time of day – other appliances, such as air conditioners, might operate based on the season. In order to meet our dynamic energy demands, our system has to have the infrastructure and resources in place… Keep reading →

Hot Weather Puts California Power Grid On Alert

The electricity sector and its incumbent electricity companies are undergoing an unprecedented, challenging but nevertheless critical transformation – a transition towards a more climate-resilient, less carbon-intensive power system which ends up “closer to the customer”. The widespread penetration of renewable energy sources into the electricity supply mix along with a constant push for more innovative… Keep reading →

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2014 International CES

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Life In Erbil As Insecurity Continues In Iraq

In its goal of pursuing statehood, the Islamic State became an oil state at the worst time. When international oil prices were trading closer to $100/bbl, it’s estimated that IS could have been making $6 million a day from black market oil sales. The oil price decline is altering the way IS conducts its business… Keep reading →

Plug-In 2008 Conference And Expo Highlights Latest Hybrid Electric Car

The smart grid has been slow to materialize for a combination of factors including investment challenges, but 2014 featured some important advances. “But these challenges also helped define the opportunities for companies, utilities and regulators working on building the next stage of smart grid — a “smart grid 2.0,” if you will. From building on… Keep reading →

Chinese Solar Manufacturer Supplies a Growing Domestic Market

Businesses that want to go green often worry about whether they can recoup the expense of adopting new technology. In many cases, green tech is very affordable. Your business could even save money by adopting some of the following technologies. Thin-Film Solar Cells Many businesses would like to disconnect from the grid so they can… Keep reading →

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