Shale Revolution

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

Politico has an interview out today with Iain Conn, chief executive of the British energy and services company Centrica. Entire piece is here, but let’s look at a couple of the points that he makes: What’s the biggest difference between the European and American energy markets? The U.S. has lucked out with shale gas …… Keep reading →

Iraq's Minister of Oil and President of

The Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries (OPEC) is facing a “shale-tinged” reality and needs a “wake-up call,” energy analysts have warned. Analysts in Citi’s commodities research team warn that the shale gas and oil revolution in the U.S. has been ignored for too long by OPEC, the powerful group of 12 global oil producers, and it… Keep reading →

Farmland Tapped For Oil In The Midwest

Allowing Exports of Crude Oil Would Boost the Economy Washington Post Editorial: Quietly but wisely, the Commerce Department has decided to allow the first exports of U.S. crude oil since Congress imposed a ban on such sales (except to Canada) in the 1970s. To be sure, the agency’s ruling amounts to redefining crude in a way that applies… Keep reading →

Abu Dhabi Media Summit

Is the rapid increase in US oil and gas production from shale resources a threat to the oil-dependent Saudi Arabian economy? That depends on who within the kingdom you ask. One school of thought proclaims global energy demand growth is expected to be sufficient to absorb all new supply sources, while another fears extensive incremental… Keep reading →

The centrality of the shale revolution to a resurgence in the US economy has been widely examined but rarely given such thorough analytical backing as it is in this video from Rice University’s Professor Peter Hartley.

While Hartley’s comments on North America’s conventional and unconventional natural resource endowment and upside production potential preceded the high-profile release of Boston Consulting Group’s report on the potential for an immense resurgence in the US manufacturing and export sector this week, he notes the degree to which the region enjoys economic and geopolitical competitive advantages in an increasingly globalized international landscape. Keep reading →