Quick Take: I have yet to read any conclusive evidence that Sensus smart meters are actually to blame for any fires. Even so, the company continues to suffer PR damage from recent decisions by several utilities to uninstall Sensus meters because of fire concerns. These struggles underline the importance of perception. Here’s hoping the company’s… Keep reading →

It isn’t gold.

Weakening venture capital funding for one of the globe’s fastest-growing sectors isn’t a mystery for sector watchers, but with increasing adoption of disruptive monitoring technology, the market opportunity isn’t a matter of if, but when. Keep reading →

We’re at juncture down the smart grid path where utilities are moving beyond the expected and taking next steps with advanced technologies – from the flywheel systems protecting Austin Energy’s new control center to SAIC’s Smart Grid as a Service supporting critical energy management systems in remote Alaskan villages.

Austin Energy using VYCON flywheel systems to protect its new control center Keep reading →