Moscow Travel Destination

The regime and its allies will probably try to peel away U.S. partners or take military action in vulnerable areas, so Washington should prepare to counter such efforts. President Trump’s announcement that CIA chief Mike Pompeo will replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of state has apparently caused a stir in Damascus. The Assad regime historically… Keep reading →

Kuwait Promises To Increase Oil Production In Case  Of War

Any plans to end arms transfers to the SDF must be handled carefully if Washington hopes to prevent an Islamic State resurgence, alleviate tensions with Turkey, preserve a valuable local ally, and curb Iranian influence. In a November 24 call with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Trump reportedly pledged to stop providing arms to… Keep reading →

U.S. Navy Deploys Nimitz For Possible Strike On Syria

By helping Assad’s forces bridge the river, Moscow is increasing the risk of direct confrontation while obstructing U.S. efforts to defeat IS, stabilize eastern Syria, and limit Iranian arms transfers. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that “Syrian government troops” crossed to the east bank of the Euphrates River using a Russian pontoon bridge… Keep reading →