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Russian President Vladimir Putin Visits Beijing

After some initially-confused western reporting, it’s now clear Russia’s Gazprom finally did close a long-term natural gas deal with Chinese national oil company CNPC. However, there is still wide speculation about the agreed price – a sticking point that held up the deal’s closure for a decade – and equally if not more importantly, questions… Keep reading →

Gerhard Schroeder Becomes Head Of Russian-Led Gas Pipeline Project

Gazprom and CNPC look set to sign a 30-year, 38 billion cubic meter per year supply deal this week at price between $350 and $400 per 1,000 cubic meters. “The deal has been on the table for over 10 years, as Moscow and Beijing have negotiated back and forth over price, the gas pipeline route,… Keep reading →

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As global natural gas fundamentals shift – with Asian demand expected to significantly increase, the US importing less and exporting more – European countries seek secure and reliable long-term supply from a diverse group of producers. An ambitious pipeline project dubbed the Southern Gas Corridor is part of that vision. European utilities have successfully renegotiated… Keep reading →