California Continues To Lead U.S. In Green Technology

Utility Dive takes a look at the new study making headlines – and getting its author on the David Letterman Show – that says the US could generate all its power from renewable sources by 2050. Not to spoil it, but the answer – predictably – is 100% renewables is possible, if not very challenging.… Keep reading →

Cabinets From Both UK And Scottish Governments Meet In North East Scotland

The US EPA lifted a ban that prohibited BP from bidding on new leases in the Gulf of Mexico. BP was suing the EPA because of the ban. The British oil major may now participate in a lease sale being held this Wednesday. “After a lengthy negotiation, BP is pleased to have reached this resolution,… Keep reading →

Burbo Bank Wind Farm Now Fully Operational

In what has to be seen as a discouraging sign for offshore wind power – a key component of the United Kingdom’s scheme to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions – RWE said it is abandoning the planned 1,200-megawatt Atlantic Array, in the Bristol Channel. The company said unspecified technological challenges of the project made it “uneconomic for RWE at this… Keep reading →

As Congress spars over renewable energy incentives, a bright spot has emerged in an unlikely place: biomass to power in the Southeastern US.

Local actors have demonstrated an increasing demand for renewable energy, and, in a region lacking the solar resources of Arizona or wind of West Texas, biomass provides a cost-effective, base-load solution. Both the local and state governments, utilities, and even the US military, have taken steps towards utilizing an abundant local resource to not only generate power, but also fuel economic growth. Keep reading →