Ron Binz

The Battle for FERC and the Future of Energy Security

Government Shutdown Continues Into Weekend

The failed nomination of Ron Binz to be the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which was formalized with his withdrawal from consideration last month, was unprecedented in Washington. The role of FERC has never been the subject of public of political interest – and I’d argue that few people (in Congress or otherwise)… Keep reading →

Members Of Congress Received Classified Briefing On Syria

The White House may be looking for a new nominee for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman to replace Ron Binz, who has been the object of fierce criticism, mostly from Republicans, but also from West Virginia (coal state) Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. [The Hill] The Guardian has helpfully laid out Ed Milliband’s proposal for UK… Keep reading →

Open Pit Coal Mines To Become Lake District Tourist Paradise

Quick Take: In July I alerted you that the nominee to replace Jon Wellinghoff as chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Ron Binz, was likely to be good for smart grid and renewables but tough on coal. Now we’re learning that his nomination has “generated unprecedented interest and controversy” according to Brent Franzel… Keep reading →

Hot Weather Puts California Power Grid On Alert

Most people find it tough to get excited about regulators. But President Obama’s nomination of Ron Binz to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is reason to sit up and take notice. FERC oversees the nation’s electricity and natural gas networks, and the grid is badly in need of upgrades—up to $2 trillion worth by… Keep reading →

The Nation's Capitol Celebrates 4th Of July With Fireworks Display

Last week we published a piece on what are likely to be Congress’ top 6 energy policy priorities after the August recess, according to Frank Maisano, Senior Principal at law firm Bracewell Giuliani. Elias Hinckley, also a Washington, DC-based attorney specializing in energy, has offered a slightly different take on what we might see in energy policy… Keep reading →

U.S. House Members Leave For Summer Recess

US energy policy is on hold for now, but several top-tier energy issues issues will be front and center when the House and Senate return to Capitol Hill after the August recess, according to Frank Maisano, Senior principal in law firm Bracewell Giuliani’s Government Relations and Strategic Communications Practice. Energy watchers should be on the… Keep reading →

Large Storm System From Midwest Makes Its Way East

The House passed a bill yesterday approving an offshore energy development agreement on the maritime border between the US and Mexico. But some Democrats opposed the bill, which waives the Dodd-Frank requirement that requires companies to disclose payments made to foreign governments. Nothing strange in that at all. [The Hill] Sources say that President Obama… Keep reading →

U.S. electricity regulators face historic challenges over the next 20 years in helping to guide an estimated $2 trillion in investment to renew or replace aging infrastructure, ensure industry compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, and adopt smart-grid technologies, according to a new report from the sustainability think-tank Ceres.

With the enormous investment by both investor-owned and public utilities, regulators should take a new approach to managing the risks of both the costs of new infrastructure and the time it takes to install it, the report said Thursday. Keep reading →