Rick Perry

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate On Economy In New Hampshire

Those of us who lived through Rick Perry’s governorship in Texas were concerned he’d take his “pollution-first” mentality to Washington. But the Trump administration’s assault on clean energy started before Perry cleared the first hurdle for becoming Secretary of Energy today, signaling he’ll likely be confirmed by the full Senate. In two short weeks, President Trump… Keep reading →

Elon Musk’s Love-Hate Relationship with Texas


For months now there has been much secrecy and mystery surrounding the location of electric car revolutionary Tesla’s new $5 billion Gigafactory. The factory will supply cheaper batteries for the company’s Model 3 electric car and will be large enough to manufacture more lithium-ion batteries than the entire industry produces now. Due to its sheer… Keep reading →

Governor Rick Perry’s newly released energy plan, in focusing on domestic resources and the job opportunities prompted by energy infrastructure spending, in many ways echoes the energy policy of the Obama administration.

The US presidential election remains more than a year away, but jockeying over energy issues has already broken into the open as jobs and infrastructure spending take center stage in early debates among the declared candidates for the Republican nomination. Keep reading →

Texas legislators balanced the state budget this year by diverting money from a fund to help the poor pay for electricity.

Temperatures are still soaring past the century mark and refusing to subside, many Texans are trying to find ways to lower their electric bills. One option that some low-income residents relied on is no longer available. Keep reading →