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Renewable Energy Update – June 2018 #2

Solar Energy Remains Popular For Private Homeowners

After a year of 15 percent contraction from 2016, the residential sector will remain flat through 2018

Apple Borrego

The commercial and industrial solar power sector has not yet taken flight in the same way that residential and utility-scale solar has in recent years. But to many in the solar industry, that just screams opportunity. The C&I solar market is a strange animal for several reasons, but changing economics, regulations and technology appear to… Keep reading →

Schwarzenegger Tours Solar Panel Roof Of A Sam's Club

2015 is gearing up to be a very interesting year for the United States’ solar Market. The US installed 6.2 GW of  solar in 2014, that’s a 30% increase over installed capacity in the previous year. All available indicators point to even more capacity added this year. Solar modules and installation costs have decreased dramatically,… Keep reading →

zs peak solarcity

When SolarCity management had its most recent earnings call, in February, there was a lot of disappointment about deployments in the commercial sector. The company built just 28 megawatts in the final quarter of 2014, less than it had in the same quarter in 2013. On an annual basis, commercial went from 75 out of… Keep reading →

Costa Rica Uses 100 Percent Renewable Energy For A Record 75 Days

Renewable energy is often presented as hopelessly contentious in the United States, but there’s a new survey – or maybe we should say, there’s another survey – that shows Americans overwhelmingly believe in the stuff, have a sense it could save them money, and want government to support it. Even Republicans. Solar and wind finished… Keep reading →

solar map_pv_national-large

If you aren’t going solar in Connecticut, you might want to rethink that. New research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory puts Connecticut a lofty and surprising third – behind only Hawaii and California – among the 50 states in a measure of the unsubsidized economic potential of a residential solar system. The state of Washington,… Keep reading →

Government Leaders Attend Clean Energy Summit In Las Vegas

In a move that’s one part marketing – no, make that two parts marketing – and one part financing, SolarCity today unveiled Solar Bonds, an online program that allows Jane and John Q. Public to plunk down as little as a thousand bucks and earn a return off the growing solar market. The solar installer… Keep reading →

The South West's First Solar Farm Is Connected

Big solar is winning. There are tens of millions of rooftops throughout the United States – on homes and businesses alike – where solar power could be saving electricity consumers money and reducing their carbon footprint, all the while avoiding the environmental conflicts that big solar increasingly finds itself enmeshed in. Yet projects over 1… Keep reading →

Foreign Imported Cars Sit Idle At Port Storage Lot

Here’s an interesting look at the Los Angeles region’s long oil production history. One surprising photo shows drilling rigs lining the Long Beach oceanfront in the 1950’s, a level of industrial development that would be anathema today. However, local communities adapted over time to oil development infrastructure in their midst and the still-producing reservoirs now… Keep reading →

Berlin Presents Alternative Energy Projects

There’s nothing more grassroots than a local chamber of commerce. No organization has a better understanding of its community and what it means to run a business and establish a life in its hometown. No other group is tasked with helping so many businesses – from mom and pop entrepreneurs to leading corporate voices –… Keep reading →

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