Residential Solar Finance

Merkel Inaugurates Energy-Efficient House

Former founding CEO of SunEdison, Jigar Shah, started a new company based on what’s being called the “infrastructure as a service” model. The idea is an extension of the financing strategy that dominates the rooftop solar PV business today. “Here’s how it works: Generate Capital will put up funds — between $2 million to $20… Keep reading →

Work Crew Installs Solar Power Panels In Santa Monica

From a rooftop in sunny California, a Breaking Energy writer learns about the need for a national solar policy targeting low-income families. The sun was rising quickly as I drove down I-580 to a part of Oakland that has yet to attract a significant influx of Silicon Valley’s high-tech workers and the gentrification that follows. … Keep reading →

Government Leaders Attend Clean Energy Summit In Las Vegas

In a move that’s one part marketing – no, make that two parts marketing – and one part financing, SolarCity today unveiled Solar Bonds, an online program that allows Jane and John Q. Public to plunk down as little as a thousand bucks and earn a return off the growing solar market. The solar installer… Keep reading →