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Renewable Energy Update – May 2018 #2

Work Crew Installs Solar Power Panels In Santa Monica

Republican senators from five states with big solar farms are asking the Trump administration to exempt the workhorse of industrial solar panels from tariffs imposed earlier this year.

Senators Hold News Conference To Urge Obama To Approve Keystone Pipeline

Last week, after legislators returned from an election where some campaigned heavily on energy-related issues like the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives again voted to send legislation approving that project to the President’s desk. Then, the outgoing Democratic Majority in the Senate also took action, though it failed to reach the 60-vote… Keep reading →


There has been—appropriately—much attention given to the election and the impact it will have on control of the U.S. Senate. Given the possibility of a Republican-controlled Senate, we have also seen a flurry of analysis of what impact that change will have on various issues. But, in the energy and environment arena, there is an upcoming shift that will have a profound impact on the direction of public policy that is getting little attention: personnel changes at the White House.