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The energy industry is a source of technological innovation and remarkable engineering. From the use of advanced machinery to extract previously inaccessible volumes of natural gas and shale oil to the management of global projects and the benefits of real-time intelligence, pioneers abound in one of the world’s most important areas of commerce and economic… Keep reading →

Sens. Wyden, Udall, Paul, And Blumenthal Discuss Principles For Surveillance Reform

Time and again when the prospect of exporting US crude oil is discussed, the issue of domestic gasoline price impacts surfaces. Will consumers pay more or less at the pump? There is no shortage of debate on the topic, but some analysts contend the increased volumes of light sweet crude US exports would feed into… Keep reading →

Global Issues Impact Oil Price

The US became a net-exporter of oil products like gasoline and diesel fuel in 2011 for the first time since 1949 and oil product exports have steadily increased since that point. US refiners found a new lease on life – after several East Coast refinery closures – by purchasing Bakken crude at a discount to… Keep reading →

An oil drilling rig is seen September 29

Any game-changing technological advance benefits some industries and challenges others. Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has compiled a list of winners and losers from the US shale boom in a report, Game Changer: Industry Winners And Losers From The U.S. Shale Revolution, released yesterday. Among beneficiaries of the shale boom are the petrochemical industry, which is enjoying lower… Keep reading →